Q3 & Q4 -FY18 ev


USGL Strategic planning activity for FY18 Q3 & 4, October ‘17 e.v. to March ‘18 e.v. It contains information pertaining to strategic planning progress made during the indicated time period, and does not contain any active goals still pending from previous strategic plans.

Future attention will be given to a new group of goals, working through all past strategies and goals and the inception of new ones.

The focus of this first round of planning centered on the development of amendments to the Vision and Values Statements, and a review of previous strategic plans focusing on previously set goals and the beginnings of new goals for the Electoral College.

Discussions were also begun with the Kaaba Committee, Conference Committee and GL Initiation Secretaries, related to developing goals related to the new Vision/Values statements.

The process for ongoing strategic planning and reporting is still being developed, with plans in the current quarter to initiate the goal development process in more GL areas.

Promulgate Thelema and Great Principles of the Order

(We envision OTO USA as a model religious and fraternal order of occult initiates, and a leading proponent of Thelemic thought and culture within the United States.)

Objective: Fully implement Liber 194 to the extent possible and practicable

  • Goal: Fill both IXth Degree Revolutionary positions (Liber 194: 25-26)
    • Strategy: Publish a notice in Agapé to encourage eligible IXths to volunteer
      • Responsibility: Electoral College President
      • Timeframe: Ongoing beginning November 2006 ev
      • Status: Notices now will be posted to the blog. Newest inductee seated October 2017 ev, shortly after previous seat vacating. One seat still open.
          • GOAL STATUS: Ongoing.

Develop and Strengthen Local Operations

(We will maintain a physical presence near every major population center in the country, from which we will offer services in support of our mission to our members and to the public.)

Objective: Support development of Mystic Temples

    • Strategy: Establish an additional Mystic Temple facility in the South or Southwest
      • Responsibility: Grand Master
      • Timeframe: May 2014 e.v.
      • Status: Completed, March 2015

Objective: Improve communications between Grand Lodge and the membership

  • Goal: Facilitate communication between the Electoral College and local body leadership
    • Strategy: Create new online discussion forum for local body officers and Electoral College members
      • Responsibility: Electoral College President
      • Timeframe: Completed March 2007 ev
      • Status: Completed.
      • Update: EC Blog established to augment governing email list.
    • GOAL STATUS: Completed.

Objective: Strategic planning

  • Goal: Review and revise strategic plan on a continuous basis
    • Strategy: Appoint a Strategic Planning Secretary
      • Responsibility: Executive Council
      • Timeframe: September, 2017
      • Status: Completed, Melissa Holm installed September, 2018
    • Strategy: Review and revise plan
      • Responsibility: Strategic Planning Secretary
      • Timeframe: Quarterly
      • Status: In process
    • Strategy: Communicate pertinent revisions to officers and leadership
      • Responsibility: Strategic Planning Secretary, Executive
      • Timeframe: Quarterly
      • Status: In process
    • Strategy: Communicate pertinent revisions to membership via Agapé, Pelican, oto-usa
      • Responsibility: Editors
      • Timeframe: upon approval/quarterly
      • Status: in process
    • GOAL STATUS: Ongoing.

Build a Stronger Fraternal Community

(We will espouse and defend the principle of individual liberty while cultivating strong fraternal bonds within our ranks.)

Objective: To Promote Diversity & Inclusivity

Goal: Provide clarity into our Vision and Values as they relate to inclusivity.

    • Strategy: Develop new Vision and Values statements and publish on USGL website and distribute to membership via email lists and social media
      • Responsibility: Strategic Planning Secretary, Supreme Grand Council
      • Timeframe: Winter 2018
      • Status: Complete

Goal: To understand the current state of our demographic make-up and improve our approach to learning from, attracting, and retaining minority membership.

    • Strategy: Create and distribute a member survey for the collection of demographic data
      • Responsibility: Electoral College, Webmaster
      • Timeframe: TBA
      • Status: New

    • Strategy: To update application for MOE Initiation forms to include demographic data (opt out).
      • Responsibility: GL Initiation Secretaries
      • Timeframe: TBA
      • Status: New

    • Strategy: To develop events at NOTOCON that support minority membership.
      • Responsibility: Conference Committee
      • Timeframe: 2019 NOTOCON
      • Status: New

    • Strategy: To create a Kaaba Colloquium module addressing diversity and inclusivity issues in our local bodies.
      • Responsibility: Local Leadership Training Program/Local Leadership Training Coordinator
      • Timeframe: November 2017
      • Status: Ongoing